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Your Desired Outcomes.

Channel Fusion provides a tailored channel marketing platform supported by best-in-class services for some of the world’s leading brands.


Delivering Outcomes-based Results

Providing channel marketing programs is one thing. Providing channel marketing programs that are based on delivering desired outcomes is another. At Channel Fusion, we provide a comprehensive ecosystem of channel marketing solutions and support services, but we start by understanding a brand’s desired outcomes first.

Outcomes are part of our DNA. We ask questions, probe responses and challenge the status quo to ensure the channel marketing programs we deliver not only meet, but exceed desired outcomes. That mindset starts at the beginning of a partnership and continues through to channel program implementation and ongoing operations and management.


The Channel Fusion Ecosystem

For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing brands and their distribution partners with comprehensive channel marketing solutions and industry expertise. We continue to invest in our Channel Fusion Ecosystem to ensure our clients have access to the best core platform and configurable modules – supported by a team of customer-obsessed Fusers – to provide tailored channel marketing programs that deliver desired outcomes.

Our Expertise

Experience Matters

Our dedicated team of Fusers are obsessed with providing positively outrageous customer support that helps our clients and their channel partners deliver desired outcomes. The results speak for themselves.



We manage more than $1 billion in client trade promotion funds.



We serve a network of over 100,000 dealers and distributors.


We manage global channel marketing programs with portals localized in 15 languages.



80 percent of our business comes from client referrals.

Let’s Discuss Your Desired Outcomes

Learn more about how we partner with brands and their channel partners.

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