Enablement Programs

Successful channel marketing programs are built on robust technologies and sound strategies. The Channel Fusion Enablement Programs are designed to provide incremental value to our clients’ channel marketing programs and ensure desired outcomes are being defined and measured. By leveraging our vast channel marketing industry experience, we partner with our clients to challenge the status quo and enable their dealers and distributors to maximize their productivity and results.


Marketing Planning

At the heart of any successful marketing program is a strategy, or strategies, that deliver desired outcomes. At Channel Fusion, our account management team proactively partners with clients to ensure alignment between a brand and its channel partners, across all channel marketing program elements. Our team reviews spend effectiveness, behavioral trends and changes that impact channel partners, helps identify new opportunities and provides recommendations related to goal setting and ROI measurement.


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Leads Management

It’s one thing to generate leads. It’s another to manage them and help a brand’s channel partners manage them. Channel Fusion Leads Management is a holistic offering that is able to disburse leads, track them and attribute where they come from, whether that’s through call tracking, form fills or email submissions, for example. Our Leads Management system provides basic CRM functionality or it can be integrated with a third-party CRM to send leads on rules-based or automated bases. To keep leads moving through a partner’s sales process, the system’s tracking capabilities provides an audit trail that shows when a lead was last touched.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are playing a larger role in helping brands engage and enable their channel partners. With Channel Fusion Mobile Applications, our native applications are designed to extend specific functionality from our web applications to mobile devices. Whether a brand wants to streamline claims submissions or simplify approvals or lead management, our mobile applications are designed to simplify sales enablement and promote channel partner engagement.


The Enablement Programs Experience


— Program Manager, Channel Marketing

Managing multiple channel marketing program elements is challenging. Channel Fusion Enablement Applications provide easy access to simplified reporting that shows everything from spend effectiveness to partner engagement. From macro to micro, our solutions measure desired outcomes.


— Distributor Sales Rep

Sales reps are on the go. Providing enablement applications that make submitting claims and managing claims on the go increases productivity and helps drive sales. Channel Fusion Enablement Programs help sales reps be more effective and aligned with a brand’s desired outcomes.

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