Laser-focused Digital Marketing for Channel Partners

Serving as a digital marketing agency within Channel Fusion, Digital Fusion provides a comprehensive offering that helps brands’ channel partners move consumers through the sales funnel. Each step in the path to purchase is supported by programs that are designed to deliver a dealer or distributor’s desired outcomes.


Unique Approach, Unique Team

The Digital Fusion team is passionate about all things digital and local. With an unrelenting resolve to continually push the envelope of local marketing, the Digital Fusion team partners with brands to create simple, easy-to-deploy and no-nonsense packages for their dealers or distributors. We can also operate as a traditional digital agency consulting with channel partners directly to create unique programs, corresponding plans and performance criteria. When it comes to content, it’s always unique and original, and never syndicated.


By working with Digital Fusion as part of an overall Channel Fusion program, dealers and distributors are able have their co-op or MDF funds applied automatically so there are no forms to submit and there’s complete transparency in terms of return on investment.


Comprehensive solutions for increasing revenue

From online reputation management and directory listings at the top of the funnel, to email marketing to retain loyal customers at the bottom, Digital Fusion provides a broad portfolio of programs and services to support a brand’s channel partners and their customer acquisition efforts.

Online Reputation Management and Directory Listings

Improve overall ratings and reviews to support brand protection by quickly responding to reviews and comments. Ensure local business directory listings are accurate and found across multiple online networks like Yelp, Google My Business, Google Maps and more.

Streaming radio advertising

Drive engagement and reach new customers with paid advertising on Spotify, Pandora, or iHeart Radio. The Digital Fusion team creates radio ads designed to achieve desired outcomes.

Social Media Advertising

Drive traffic with compelling social ad campaigns created by the Digital Fusion marketing experts. Highlight promotions, launches, and exclusive brand programs with premium content.

Social Content

Create meaningful conversations to engage and grow your audience through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Digital Fusion content is always custom, never syndicated, and this service include scheduling and publishing posts, and managing all social platforms.

Direct Mail with Digital Ads

Boost response on direct mail campaigns using IP targeting technology that pushes online digital ads to the same audience that receives direct mail. Every campaign is customized and coordinated to complement traditional postal mailers with targeted digital campaigns to boost overall campaign performance.

Blogging to Build SEO Value

In addition to positioning a dealer or distributor as a thought leader in their industry, blogging is an excellent way to build a website’s SEO value, significantly contributing to improving organic search results rankings.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Fusion’s Google Certified experts develop, implement, manage and optimize paid search campaigns that are based on a dealer or distributor’s defined goals and objectives.

Programmatic Advertising

These highly targeted ads use Artificial Intelligence to display digital ads to people most likely to purchase a dealer or distributor’s products. Every media schedule targets the potential customers who are ready to buy.

Campaign Landing Pages

The Digital Fusion experts create and build landing pages designed to drive conversions for the campaigns they’re running on behalf of a brand’s dealers or distributors. Campaigns with a dedicated landing page typically convert at a five to 15 percent higher rate!


It starts with a promotional calendar to push customers over the hump to complete a purchase. The Digital Fusion team develops offers in partnership with a dealer or distributor and executes campaigns around the established promotional schedule.

Retargeting Campaigns

Target users who are known to be in the market for products and services because they’ve already visited a dealer or distributor’s website by reaching them on Google and Facebook.

Email Marketing

Once consumers have purchased a product or service from a brand’s dealer or distributor, email is a great way to establish ongoing communications with those consumers and keep them coming back for additional products or services. Regular email outreach is a great way to communicate service reminders, new product introductions and special offers, for example.


A Simplified Onboarding Process

It’s easy to get started! The Digital Fusion team uses a streamlined four-step process to ensure every dealer or distributor understands what to expect from sign up to launch.

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Delivering Digital Fusion Outcomes


— Leading Tire Manufacturer

Implemented digital marketing campaigns featuring tire manufacturer’s branded promotions combined with dealer specific secondary offers to drive more foot traffic, tire quotes, and in-store tire sales. Program included Google Ads, Facebook ads and organic social content, as well as custom landing page. Results after three-month campaign: 42 percent increase over prior year’s sales.


— Dealer for Premier Building Manufacturer

“Traditionally, we have never thought anything of digital marketing. Our recent (search engine marketing) experience has definitely changed our minds. We used to operate in the public sector chasing leads. Now, 50 percent, if not more, of these leads are chasing us!”

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