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With the Channel Fusion Outcomes Blueprint, we help our clients challenge the status quo and ensure channel marketing programs are flawlessly developed and executed, while keeping stakeholders engaged and informed, and delivering desired outcomes.

Return on Investment


Customer Experience


Formula for Success

At Channel Fusion, we understand the outcomes you want from your channel marketing program take more thought and planning. It starts with defining goals that help establish alignment within your organization and creating a blueprint for delivering those outcomes. This blueprint helps our team and your team stay laser-focused on delivering what matters most from your channel marketing program.


By investing effort up front, we’re able to save time during
the implementation process. The Outcomes Blueprint focuses on the three
dimensions that are most crucial in building a successful channel marketing




Customer Experience


Return on Investment

With the depth and breadth of our channel marketing experience, we know that every program needs to have a solid strategy, deliver a superior customer experience for brands and their distribution partners, and have clearly defined and measurable ROI criteria. Many brands focus on one or two of these dimensions, but oftentimes all three are not addressed in a cohesive and integrated manner.

That’s why we created the Outcomes Blueprint, a unique, proprietary process designed to capture, define and measure channel marketing outcomes. This process provides a roadmap for all of our client interactions, whether that’s an initial engagement, expanding an existing program or conducting a holistic review of a client’s channel marketing program.

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The Blueprint Process

The five-step Outcomes Blueprint process:


The Outcomes Blueprint development process begins with Discovery. Leading this critical part of the process is one of our seasoned account directors who facilitates a discussion with a client’s channel marketing stakeholders to establish a comprehensive understanding of what strategy, customer experience and return on investment outcomes they would like to achieve, challenges to accomplishing those outcomes and alignment around channel marketing program elements to achieve those outcomes.


The next step in the process is Document, capturing and articulating a blueprint canvas that includes the strategy, customer experience and ROI outcomes that were identified during Discovery. Documenting the path to achieving desired outcomes requires the orchestration of the work across products and services, as well as ensuring strategies are being addressed tactically and best practices are being applied throughout a program.


Once the Outcomes Blueprint has been captured, it’s critical to ensure alignment within a client’s organization. The Alignment phase is particularly important when additional stakeholders are introduced to a program or initiative. In addition, Channel Fusion uses the blueprint to ensure alignment among the Fusers who are assigned to a client’s channel marketing program. As part of this step, the Channel Fusion account management team schedules an Alignment meeting that includes key stakeholders from a client’s organization as well as the Fusers who are working on that client’s program.


Delivery is when the rubber meets the road. The Outcomes Blueprint focuses on incremental progress, showcasing the small wins that lead to the big wins in terms of executing the defined strategies, delivering customer experience and ensure what is being delivered meets or exceeds the established ROI criteria. In other words, we ensure the previous steps in the process are executed with full transparency to ensure confidence in what is being delivered and how it is being delivered. Tactically, this includes regular status reports, meetings and ad hoc updates, as needed.


The Outcomes Blueprint is designed to ensure defined strategies, customer experience expectations and ROI criteria are measured and reported. The Outcomes phase of the process may include reports within a particular application, data analysis and ad hoc reporting, or providing data feeds for a client’s business intelligence application. Ultimately, we understand there are typically more than one outcome when it comes to a channel marketing program, so quantifying and reporting those outcomes and ensuring the appropriate stakeholders have visibility is paramount. To that end, we work with our clients to ensure they are able to demonstrate value in a way that is meaningful to their stakeholders.

The Outcomes Scorecard

The key output of the blueprint process is the Outcomes Scorecard. The scorecard is tailored to the strategic, customer experience and ROI criteria defined during the Outcomes Blueprint process. The scorecard is a dynamic reporting tool that captures the outcomes for all types of channel marketing program elements, including:
The scorecard is designed to be flexible and can measure things like dealer or distributor engagement, funds utilization and brand alignment, for example, based on the outcomes identified in the blueprint.

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