Program Empowerment

When it comes to the core technologies and support services needed for successful channel marketing programs, the Channel Fusion Program Empowerment offering is second to none. From support services and core platform capabilities to innovative technologies, our solutions power the core functionality of channel marketing programs for some of the world’s leading brands.


Services & Support

Customer-centricity is at the core of Channel Fusion Services and Support. Our team delivers an exceptional customer experience across multiple touch points for brands, dealers, distributors and customers alike. Whether it’s phone, chat or email, our team of Fusers provides a branded service and support model. To support services like auditing and brand compliance, Channel Fusion develops and implements integrated workflows that are customized for each brand’s channel marketing program.


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Partnerships & Integrations

Our flexible technology solutions support a variety of partnership and integration models. If a brand has a specific print provider, for example, our team will create a seamless user interface and experience using APIs or by developing a custom integration with the provider. Channel Fusion also partners with leading suppliers of complementary products and services to enhance our offering for brands and their channel partners.

Channel Portal

Serving as the communications hub and launch pad for each client’s unique channel marketing program, the Channel Fusion Channel Portal is a centralized gateway that provides role-based access to the components of each program. The user experience is personalized based on program requirements and corresponding profiles. The channel portal provides a wealth of resources that are tailored to a specific program and the different types of users accessing the system.


Tech Solutions Lab

The Channel Fusion Tech Solutions Lab is more than software engineers, programmers, database administrators, quality assurance specialists and project managers. This team leads our technology innovation, development operations and security efforts. By providing product research and development, incubation and rapid prototyping, the Tech Solution Lab team is able create and scale new offerings quickly and efficiently based on voice of customer input and our corresponding roadmap. This team also leads the development of native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Core Platform

At the heart of the Channel Fusion Program Empowerment offering is our core platform. This technology solution supports workflow architecture and customer-oriented metrics that are tailored for each brand’s unique channel marketing program. The core platform’s enablement engine integrates with various program elements and functionality of the overall Channel Fusion offering to create a unified user experience.


The Program Empowerment Experience


— IT Director of Program Implementation

Launching a new channel marketing program or an enhancement to an existing program with Channel Fusion is straightforward and seamless from a technology perspective. Our team partners with our clients’ technology team to become an extension of their team during configuration, development and implementation.


— Independent Authorized Dealer

When it comes to participating in channel marketing programs, independent dealers are oftentimes accessing several platforms and support services based on the brands they represent and sell. Channel Fusion provides best-in-class technologies and support services, distinguishing our clients’ brands and their channel marketing programs.

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