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Formulaic Approach Drives SEO Outcomes

A successful science experiment produces valid results and is the outcome of following a methodical process.  For the Digital Fusion team at Channel Fusion, that type of rigor is applied to creating SEO-optimized blog content that delivers desired digital marketing outcomes for a brand’s channel partners.


By utilizing a formulaic approach, harnessing up-to-date knowledge, credible research, appropriate back-linking, and important markup and meta-information, the Digital Fusion team creates content that helps a brand’s dealers and distributors drive traffic (online and offline) at all touchpoints in the sales funnel.


Strategic Keyword Placement

An important first step in developing SEO-optimized content is keyword targeting. This subtle yet powerful technique starts with consistent keyword research to understand how consumers are searching and how to ensure a dealer or distributor’s content shows up first on a search engine results page.


By skillfully placing keywords rather than “keyword stuffing,” the Digital Fusion team can ensure a dealer or distributor’s content aligns with established content quality guidelines.


Content Fit for a King

When it comes to writing SEO-optimized blogs, content is certainly king. The Digital Fusion team takes the time to understand a dealer or distributor’s core values and their business’ place in the local market. The result? Informative and timely blog content that is original and skillfully crafted.


Of course, blogs need more than useful information about a dealer or distributor. They need to make the critically important linkage between the brand messaging of the products and services they sell as well as the voice of a dealer or distributor’s brand. Combining key brand messaging at the brand and local levels, with a knowledgeable and conversational tone, allows the Digital Fusion team to deliver meaningful, localized content that drives traffic and motivates consumers to interact with additional Web content.


Case in Point

When a large commercial building contractor, based in New Jersey, decided to move into the construction of cannabis facilities following recent legislative changes in the state, they turned to Digital Fusion. The owner reached out to Digital Fusion and one of the team’s strategists provided guidance and counsel on the best digital marketing channels to support this market expansion.


The Digital Fusion team worked with the owner to create fresh, interesting and extremely informative blog articles. In doing so, they were able to create a strong brand voice and establish the contractor as an authority on the construction of cannabis facilities in the region. As a result, the contractor now ranks within the top three organic search results for cannabis construction-related search terms nationwide.


In addition, focusing on blogging has increased organic search traffic for this particular dealer by 307 percent, increased the time users are spending on-page by 21 percent over the prior year, and unique pageviews on the blog have increased by 87 percent.  When there’s a focus on improving SEO that strategically increases organic search traffic, it can make way for a reduction in paid search expenditure – which is a marketer’s dream because most organic traffic is more valuable than paid traffic.


This type of formulaic approach to SEO-optimized content not only helps a brand’s channel partner move up in organic search results, but it also improves paid search results. Now that’s a formula for digital marketing success!


By applying a strategically driven approach and proven formula for creating blog content that utilizes specifically targeted keywords, the Digital Fusion team can help brands’ channel partners deliver their desired business outcomes.


Digital Fusion, powered by Channel Fusion, provides turnkey digital marketing services for the dealer networks of brands Channel Fusion represents.  The team prides itself on pushing the envelope to constantly improve and prove the ROI tied to local marketing efforts. For a refreshing experience with a digital partner who is relentlessly focused on running truly localized digital campaigns the right way, check them out.


About Channel Fusion

For 20 years, Channel Fusion has been delivering strategy, customer experience and return on investment outcomes for brands and their channel partners with a wide variety of solutions and industry expertise. We continue to invest in the overall ecosystem of our channel marketing offering to ensure our clients can provide their channel partners with an optimal customer experience to drive results. Our core technologies and connected platform are supported by a team of customer-centric “Fusers.” Let us know if you’d like to learn more about how we deliver desired outcomes for brands and their channel partners.

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