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Integrated Program Delivers 8x More Unit Sales for Brand

Consumer promotions are a great way for brands to drive sales of their products. One brand is taking promotions to another level with the help of Digital Fusion, the digital marketing agency within Channel Fusion.


The next-level package developed by the Digital Fusion team integrated the brand’s national promotions with locally focused marketing elements designed specifically for dealers. The program included paid search advertising, a custom landing page, and lead distribution. The turnkey, end-to-end solution delivered nearly a 24 percent increase in product sales for participating dealers in September and October combined.


Formula for Success

In developing the program, the Digital Fusion team worked with the brand to identify a group of dealers that would be offered the opportunity to participate. The group of dealers received a 50 percent reimbursement of associated costs for the program on some of the promotions and a 100 percent reimbursement for other promotions. For any promotions where dealers didn’t receive 100 percent reimbursement, they were able to utilize their coop funds to pay for the remaining balance.  For this particular program, larger dealers that receive their coop funds directly, without having to submit claims, were identified for participation.


With dealer eligibility and reimbursement criteria established, the Digital Fusion team developed the specific program elements. At the heart of the program were the brand’s national promotion offers for the months of September and October. To complement and enhance the promo offers, paid search advertising was added to serve as a lead-generation channel for the promotions. Dealers also had the option to utilize paid social, YouTube or streaming radio.


All traffic was driven to landing pages tailored to the paid search campaigns for participating dealers. These landing pages were customized for each dealer. When a prospective customer completed the form on a dealer’s landing page, those leads were sent in real-time for follow-up by someone at the dealership. However, the primary goal was to drive consumers to a dealer’s brick-and-mortar location to take advantage of the promotional offers.

The brand saw 8x more unit sales when compared to the next closest group.

Outstanding Results

At the end of the promotions in September and October, participating dealers experienced eight times more unit sales compared to non-participating dealers. Total unit sales for participating dealers increased by more than 26 percent in September and nearly 22 percent in October


These results were compared with two separate groups of similar-sized dealers who didn’t participate in the integrated digital program. The comparison dealer groups saw flat sales in September and lower-than-expected sales in October. The brand saw 8x more unit sales when compared to the next closest group (everyone who did not participate in the program). When compared to the former similar-sized dealer groups, the increase was significantly higher.


By integrating paid search, landing pages and lead processing with a brand’s national promotions, the Digital Fusion team provided local dealers with a focused digital marketing program that helped drive increased sales and desired outcomes for the brand and dealers alike. A key to the program’s success is the experienced team that ensures each piece of the digital campaign is coordinated and executed to perfection, with a user experience that is cohesive from the first click to consumer conversion.


To learn more about this program, check out and download this PDF.


Digital Fusion, powered by Channel Fusion, provides turnkey digital marketing services for the dealer networks of brands Channel Fusion represents.  The team prides itself on pushing the envelope to constantly improve and prove the ROI tied to local marketing efforts. For a refreshing experience with a digital partner who is relentlessly focused on running truly localized digital campaigns the right way, check them out.


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