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Supercharge Your Incentives with the Channel Fusion SPIFF Module

It’s time to take your channel incentive program to the next level with the powerful capabilities of the Channel Fusion SPIFF module. This sophisticated tool is designed to provide maximum flexibility through its self-service functionality, putting program administrators in the driver’s seat.


The core of the Channel Fusion SPIFF module lies in its ability to create and deploy promotions with remarkable ease. Leveraging the Channel Fusion Core Promotions Engine, program administrators can quickly set up promotions within minutes. This engine boasts a repository of “fund levers” that enable the customization of promotions to suit your specific needs. These levers encompass various aspects such as model, date range, geography, and partner tier. With the Channel Fusion SPIFF module, you’re equipped with an arsenal of tools to craft tailored promotions to drive channel partner engagement.


All of the Channel Fusion channel solutions focus on delivering an exceptional user experience and the SPIFF module is no exception. From program administrators to those submitting and claiming a SPIFF, the user experience of all stakeholders is considered. Programs are facilitated within the platform through a simple claiming process. Once a promotion is deployed, users can seamlessly navigate the web-based tool to fill out and submit all the required information for adjudication. Retailers gain visibility only to the promotions that their stores qualify for, eliminating any confusion or time wasted on irrelevant offers.

The SPIFF module is part of the Channel Fusion Ecosystem of solutions.

Claim Submission Reviews

Once claims are submitted, the Channel Fusion team performs adjudication processes, meticulously reviewing and marking each claim as approved or denied. Users receive email notifications with status updates, as long as they have provided an accurate email during the rebate claim submission. Relying on the program submission criteria provided by the brand, the Channel Fusion team then processes the requisite payment, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


The flexibility of the Channel Fusion SPIFF module extends beyond simple claiming processes. It allows for the configuration and deployment of other types of incentive programs based on sell-in/sell-out data provided by a brand. This means you can set up, calculate, and distribute percentage-based or goal-based programs, tailored to your specific program guidelines. Examples include quarterly sales targets, percentage growth goals, or year-over-year benchmarks. The Channel Fusion SPIFF module empowers you to implement diverse and effective incentives.

The claim submission process is easy and intuitive.

SPIFF Module Core Features

When initiating the promotion creation process, program administrators log into the SPIFF platform. From the platform’s home screen, users have the ability to create and execute new promotions, as well as access reports, dashboards, summary screens, and information on current promotions. This user-friendly platform facilitates a seamless experience, guiding program administrators through a wizard-based setup process. Here, they can customize the promotion by selecting and tailoring the promotional levers to suit their program’s unique requirements. Program administrators can effortlessly set parameters for the promotion, including dollar amounts, promotional dates, and deadlines. It’s even possible to edit existing promotions, allowing for easy adjustments and fine-tuning. Notably, the tool permits the selection of multiple “payment” rules within the same promotion, enabling varying dollar amounts for different products, regions, or other factors.

Simple Claims Submission Process

Submitting a claim with the Channel Fusion SPIFF module follows a simple two-step wizard-based process, similar to the promotion setup workflow. Step one involves logging into the SPIFF platform and selecting the claim submission workflow. Users are prompted to enter all relevant transaction information, such as models/products sold, price, and date of sale. In step two, users provide the required documentation according to the program guidelines, including paid invoices or receipts. If multiple transactions share the same documentation, steps one and two are repeated. Once all the necessary information has been entered, users confirm and submit the claim. An automated email notification is sent to the user, confirming the successful claim submission and providing a corresponding claim number.


After submitting a claim, users can conveniently check the status of their claims by accessing the “check claim status” section of the site. Here, users can review a comprehensive history of all previously submitted claims. The initial overview screen displays high-level information for each claim, such as claim number, date submitted, and status. For more detailed insights, users can click on a specific claim to view the corresponding submissions and their statuses. This feature ensures transparency and enables users to stay informed throughout the process.


The Channel Fusion SPIFF module also offers additional user tiers and user management workflows. These tiers include business owners, store managers, sales associates, and more. Business owners typically receive credentials directly from the brand. On the other hand, store managers and sales associates must complete a registration process, providing essential identification information and additional details, such as 1099 information required for tax purposes. Once store managers submit their registration, it is approved by the business owner, validating their participation in the SPIFF program. Sales associates, too, need approval from either business owners or store managers. Business owners and store managers possess the ability to manage user access within their permission levels, ensuring appropriate control and oversight.


The Channel Fusion SPIFF module empowers brands to streamline and optimize their incentive programs. Its flexibility, self-service functionality, and user-centric approach deliver exceptional results. Whether you’re a program administrator or a participant, the Channel Fusion SPIFF module is designed to simplify the process, enhance efficiency, and maximize a brand’s program effectiveness. Harness the power of the Channel Fusion SPIFF module and elevate your brand’s incentives to new heights of success!


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