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Construction, Tire Manufacturing Clients Realize Unprecedented Social Engagement

As brands continue to offer their dealers, distributors and resellers more channel marketing program options, channel marketing companies continue to expand their offerings. One area that saw tremendous growth, adoption and, most importantly, desired outcomes in 2021 for Digital Fusion, Channel Fusion’s local marketing agency, and their construction and tire manufacturing clients was organic social media.

SproutSocial, a leading social media management platform, released their top stats for last year and Digital Fusion drove extraordinary social engagement for their construction and tire manufacturing industry clients. Digital Fusion uses SproutSocial to manage their clients’ organic social media programs. The data shared by SproutSocial compares Digital Fusion’s results with all the companies that use their solution for managing social media programs. How did Digital Fusion stack up? Let’s take a look.

Overall, Digital Fusion delivered 20.4 million impressions, published nearly 40,000 posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, generated almost 7,500 new followers for their clients’ brands, and realized almost 628,000 total engagements, or the number of times an audience interacted with content produced by Digital Fusion on behalf of their clients.

What’s more impressive is how these numbers compare to all the industries represented within the SproutSocial platform.

Digital Fusion’s Clients 20.4 million
All Industries Average 3.2 million

Digital Fusion’s Clients 39.6K
All Industries Average 1.2K

New Audience or Followers
Digital Fusion’s Clients 7.4K
All Industries Average 2.1K

Digital Fusion’s Clients 627.7K
All Industries Average 119.2K

There are a number of keys to driving these types of results for organic social as part of an overall channel marketing program, including:
• Producing unique content for dealers and distributors that represents key messaging for the brand and the local retailer. Digital Fusion never produces syndicated content. It’s unique to every single dealer, every single month. Therefore, one tire shop (or retailer, or construction company) doesn’t end up looking just like the competitor down the street.
• Delivering new content on a consistent basis.
• Partnering with dealers and distributors to create an editorial calendar and corresponding production schedule.
• Promoting engagement with social posts to drive shares, likes, loves, etc.

Supporting dealers and distributors with specific local marketing packages is a key component of driving “last mile” desired outcomes for a brand’s overall channel marketing program. As evidenced by the SproutSocial stats from last year, Digital Fusion is ensuring their clients are driving those outcomes in terms of organic social. With 2021 in the rearview mirror, the Digital Fusion team is focused on increasing impressions, publishing, audience and engagement in 2022 for the brands they represent in construction, tire manufacturing and other industries.

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