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Mobile Apps Help Drive Outcomes in Channel Marketing

Mobile Apps Help Drive Outcomes in Channel Marketing

Mobile applications are a mainstay in our daily lives. That said, while some of us may have hundreds of applications on our devices, chances are the only ones we use on a regular basis are those that improve our daily experiences. Examples include:

·       The ability to check the weather to see if and when a storm is going to hit based on a darkening sky

·       The convenience of depositing money in a bank account by simply taking a picture of a check or transferring funds with a third-party app

·       Getting directions to a restaurant or other venue when traveling for business or pleasure


Whether or not a mobile app improves our daily productivity and provides convenience is determined, in part, by its utility. Similarly, for channel marketers, the utility of a mobile application should be measured by whether or not it improves productivity and provides convenience to drive strategic, user experience and return on investment outcomes.


Mobile’s Role in Supporting Strategy

Utilizing a mobile app in your channel marketing program should support one of the overall strategies of your program and not just so you can say, “hey, we have a mobile app!” For example, if one of your strategies is to drive dealer or distributor engagement and adoption of your channel program, a mobile app could be used to simplify a co-op claim submission or to submit a customer’s rebate claim. The effectiveness of a mobile app in supporting your strategy can be determined by evaluating the percentage of claims being submitted by mobile app and if program engagement and adoption increases to the established growth target as a result of implementing the mobile UX.


Make the UX Seamless

For channel programs that utilize mobile apps, it’s important to ensure a seamless user experience across all screens or devices. You’ve created a user experience on the web and when integrating a mobile app, dealers or distributors should feel like the app is an extension of the web experience. A simple and purposeful user experience will only enhance program strategies like increasing dealer or distributor engagement and adoption.


Apps Drive, Measure ROI

Another critical role mobile apps can play in driving channel program outcomes is in the measurement and reporting of return on investment. Once again, if utilization of a mobile app is supporting a strategy to increase program engagement and adoption, and, ultimately, revenue objectives, it can be utilized to drive desired behavior by pushing well-timed messages about specific promotions and communicate where a dealer or distributor is at in terms of reaching a particular incentive milestone, for example. The app can be used to not only push messages, but also provide a simple interface within the app that includes reporting dashboards related to tracking progress against goals for various key performance indicators.


Mobile apps can play a key role in driving channel marketing program outcomes. By providing easy-to-use productivity, measurement and communications tools within an app, brands are able to engage with their dealers and distributors in a convenient and timely manner, helping drive strategic, user experience and return on investment outcomes. 

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