Integrated Approach to Sales Funnel Helps Dealers and Distributors Deliver Desired Outcomes

As more brands look to enhance their channel marketing programs with “last mile” digital marketing solutions for their dealers or distributors, a key to successfully delivering desired outcomes is having a holistic and integrated offering that addresses all phases of the path to purchase within the sales funnel.

Enhancing Channel Marketing Program Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It’s not just consumer technology that’s driving the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Brands are also employing several use cases of AI and ML to automate and optimize their marketing channel programs, enhancing the desired outcomes for brands and channel partners alike.

Choosing the Right Digital Partner is Critical to Local Search Advertising Success

When researching partners to manage your brand’s local search advertising efforts, focus on trust. That trust should be derived from knowing that what they’re doing for your local dealers is actually driving desired outcomes. This article answers three questions you should ask to help ensure you’re working with the right local search advertising partner.

Cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy Delivers Outcomes for Brands, Channel Partners

When implementing a digital marketing strategy and corresponding program for channel partners, brands should ensure the offering addresses the different stages of the path to purchase, is supported and managed by a team of specialists, and provides reporting to measure program effectiveness and results.

Channel Marketing and Co-op – A Powerful Combination

Today’s most successful co-op programs are driven by sound strategy, a powerful brand and channel partnership, and desired outcomes that are clearly defined and measured. How are channel marketers accomplishing this renewed co-op success? They are utilizing a multi-faceted funding model, a segmented approach to channel partner engagement, leveraging data to provide meaningful insights and utilizing new technologies within their overall channel marketing ecosystem.

Optimizing Channel Marketing Programs for Success During Ever-Changing Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Channel marketers are striving to support their partners by anticipating and introducing program optimizations that address evolving market conditions and enhance marketing strategies to drive desired outcomes. Here are three things channel marketers should consider doing now to stay focused as well as three strategies to future proof their programs and support partners going forward.