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Channel Fusion Asset Library: An Integrated Storage Solution for Channel Programs

The Channel Fusion Asset Library platform is used in conjunction with Ad Builder, serving as an integrated digital asset management solution.  When paired with Ad Builder, a brand’s channel partner is able to store customized marketing materials developed in the Ad Builder as well as other marketing assets.


By providing Ad Builder and Asset Library, part of the Channel Fusion Through Channel Marketing offering, brands enable their channel partners to not only create co-branded advertisements that save time and resources while ensuring adherence to established brand standards and guidelines, but they are also able to store those materials for future reference.


Asset Library Key Benefits

For brands:

  • Easily upload and remove marketing assets
  • Restrict access to assets with a tier-based permission hierarchy
  • Add metadata to assets to enhance searchability and user experience
  • Establish and maintain a user-friendly asset organization structure based on established business rules
  • Reports track usage for individual assets


For channel partners:

  • Easily download individual or bundled assets using shopping cart functionality
  • Email asset bundles to recipients directly from the platform
  • Robust search and sorting functionality make it easy to find desired assets  


Simple and Effective

In the Asset Library, channel partners are presented with tree navigation on the left-hand side of the interface. Simple navigation allows channel partners to narrow their search, making it easy to find marketing materials.  Administrators can simply edit the Asset Library navigation that appears in the platform, as well as edit, delete, view and download marketing assets, allowing brands to tailor the Asset Library to their unique user requirements.


The Asset Library also provides administrative functionality to easily manage users within a simple interface.  Administrators can search, add, or delete users, making it easy to get channel partners onboarded and leverage the benefits of the platform quickly.  Examples of profile types available that can be configured and managed include:

  • Corporate/brand administrators
  • Super administrators
  • Agency users
  • Media users
  • Channel Fusion administrators


When it comes to loading marketing materials, Asset Library provides administrators with the ability to add their own assets including images, videos and document files, for example.  When doing so, admins are asked to enter specified metadata for the marketing asset to enhance search functionality.  Admins are also able to assign an expiration date to the asset.  Once this expiration date passes, the assets are no longer available in the library.

Tree Navigation
Tree navigation provides an easy-to-use and navigate view for channel partners to narrow their search.

Robust Reporting

When paired together, the Ad Builder and Asset Library offer robust reporting capabilities allowing the ability to track the usage of all customizable and non-customizable marketing assets.  Some of the additional reports that are available include:

  • Customizable template reports
    • Template usage detail
    • Template usage summary
    • Template expiration
    • Template partner detail
    • Template feedback
  • Non-customizable asset reports
    • Asset usage (download/view)
    • Asset expiration
    • Asset partner detail
  • Partner ad usage report
    • Ad creation detail by channel partner
    • Ad creation summary by channel partner
    • Ads sent to media companies by channel partner
  • System reporting
    • Login activity
    • Headline/offer usage
    • Custom requests submitted
    • E-mail delivery success rate

The platform is also configurable to easily export data for ingestion into a business intelligence tool. In addition, administrators can set up email and SMS/text messaging alerts. The alerts are completely customizable and channel partners can easily sign up to receive notifications.


Case in Point

One of Channel Fusion’s clients has leveraged the Asset Library for years, realizing many benefits, including:


  • Improving the dealer co-op marketing experience by allowing a channel partner’s agency and media partners access to self-serve approved creative assets only, providing channel partners with more time to focus on their overall business
  • Driving and changing the media channels channel partners use to boost the use of digital advertising by increasing the number of assets available, such as online videos and social content
  • Increasing and improving voice of the brand and presence in channel partner advertising by making approved assets widely available and easily accessible 
  • Advertising specific promotions or campaigns more effectively across media channels by utilizing the ability to house all assets tied to a specific promotion in one place, limiting search time and increasing dealer participation in national campaigns or promotions


When brands combine the power of Channel Fusion Asset Library and Ad Builder they provide their channel partners with an all-in-one solution that not only allows them to create co-branded advertisements that adhere to established brand standards and guidelines, but also store those assets, along with other marketing assets, in an integrated channel program solution.


About Channel Fusion

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