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Localized Dealer Promo Program Continues to Boost Sales

In September and October of last year, Channel Fusion’s local marketing agency, Digital Fusion, created integrated advertising packages to pay off national promotions for one of the company’s clients, resulting in an eight-times increase in unit sales. In November, the Digital Fusion team continued to build on the success of the localized dealer promo program and, once again, delivered exceptional results.


Participating dealers saw a nearly 19 percent increase in unit sales from September through November thanks, in part, to the digital advertising packages delivered by Digital Fusion.


Simplified Packages = Easy Adoption

One of the keys to the success of the localized promotion program was creating simple packages that are easy for participating dealers to purchase and implement. Dealers can access the packages online, select how many promos they would like to localize and submit a form to get started.


Once the form is submitted, a digital strategist from Digital Fusion conducts an onboarding meeting with the dealer to ensure alignment around program objectives and outcomes. Once the program is launched, dealers are kept abreast of performance with regular ROI and optimization reporting.


The packages themselves include Google Ads, custom landing pages tailored to a specific promotion, social posts to promote the offer, Facebook stories and updates to a dealer’s Facebook cover. Flexibility is another key aspect of the packages. Dealers can swap out Google Ads for paid social, streaming radio, or YouTube video ads.

Superior Results

Before initiating the localized dealer promotion program in September, unit sales were down anywhere from 55 to 63 percent amongst different dealer sample groups when no promos were running and there was no digital marketing in place to support them. (Even those who eventually participated in the program, so everyone was on an even playing field before the promotions began.)

Fast forward to the end of November and the sample group that utilized the Digital Fusion promotion packages realized a nearly 19 percent increase in unit sales for September, October and November compared to the prior year. What makes those results even more impressive is when they are compared to the other sample groups over the same period:

  • Sales for Sample A, a group of eight similar-sized dealers, were down -6.8 percent
  • Sales for Sample B, another group of eight similar-sized dealers, were down -14.4 percent
  • The Control Group, which excluded all participating dealers experienced sales that were down -2 percent

To learn more about this program, check out and download this PDF

Digital Fusion, powered by Channel Fusion, provides turnkey digital marketing services for the dealer networks of brands Channel Fusion represents.  The team prides itself on pushing the envelope to constantly improve and prove the ROI tied to local marketing efforts. For a refreshing experience with a digital partner who is relentlessly focused on running truly localized digital campaigns the right way, check them out.

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