Consumer Rebates Module

The Channel Fusion Consumer Rebate module is designed
to provide maximum flexibility by leveraging self-service
functionality. The tool allows program administrators to
use the module to create and deploy promotions within
minutes by leveraging the Channel Fusion Promotions
Engine. This engine features a repository of “fund levers”
that allows for the customization of all types of promotions.


Promotion Setup

When initiating the promotion creation process to support a consumer rebate offering, program administrators start by logging into the Consumer Rebate module. From the module’s home screen, administrators have the ability to create and execute new promotions and view all reports and dashboards, summary screens, and current promotions.‌

When creating a promotion, administrators customize a promotion by selecting and tailoring the promotional levers to fit a program’s desired outcomes. This process is facilitated by a wizard-based, user-friendly, setup to maximize the efficiency of the setup process. Once the levers are selected, the administrator is able to set the parameters for the rebate offer as well including dollar amounts, promotional dates and deadlines. Administrators are also able to edit existing promotions. Once the rebate promotion is created, a landing page is published to facilitate the consumer submission process.


Claim Submission

A four-step, wizard-based claim submission process allows consumers to submit their rebate information.

Step 1 – On the rebate landing page, consumers are prompted to initiate the rebate claim process by providing relevant transaction information, such as models or products sold, price and date of sale.

Step 2 – The next step in the submission process prompts consumers to provide the required documentation based on the promotion guidelines. Examples include a paid invoice or receipt.

Step 3 – Once a consumer has entered and submitted their personal identification information, the information is passed through Channel Fusion’s proprietary automated fraud detection protocols. An example of a potential fraudulent submission would be if a consumer indicated a purchase was made in Virginia, but the tax records for that person show they live in California. In that scenario, the system would automatically flag the submission for additional manual review by the Channel Fusion team.

Step 4 – The last step in the submission process requires a consumer to approve program terms and conditions. Once that happens, a submission success screen is displayed with a claim number and a message indicating the consumer will also receive a confirmation email.


Claim Submission Reviews

Once claims are submitted, the Chanel Fusion team performs adjudication processes and marks claims as either approved or denied, and the user receives an email with a status update, assuming they provided an accurate email when submitting their rebate claim. Using program submission criteria provided by the client, the Channel Fusion team processes the requisite payment.


The flexibility of the Channel Fusion SPIFF & Consumer Rebate module allows for the configuration and deployment of other types of incentive programs that do not utilize a claiming process and, instead, are based on sell-in/sell-out data provided by a client. These programs can be set up, calculated, and distributed based on program guidelines as well. Examples of this type of program include, but are not limited to:

  • Percentage-based
  • Goal-based
    • Quarterly Sales
    • % Growth
    • Year-over-year


Checking Claim Status

The “check status claim” section of the Consumer Rebate Module, is a one-stop place for consumers to determine the status of current submissions as well as see previously submitted claims. For current claims, consumers enter their claim number to see a high-level status and can click on the claim to see more details about the submission and the current status.



The Channel Fusion Consumer Rebates module includes standard reports for overall program and individual promotion performance. Reporting is available to designated program administrators.

Processing Services

Claim Adjudication

Once submitted, rebate claims are placed in a queue where they will be approved or denied by the Channel Fusion support team. Once a claim is audited for rebate program compliance and is approved or denied, an automated email notification is sent to the consumer to provide a status update and corresponding explanation.

Payment Administration

Channel Fusion provides comprehensive payment processing services as part of the Consumer Rebates offering. Available payment options are available in U.S. and Canadian dollars and include:

  • Single-load and reloadable prepaid
    • Visa/Mastercard
    • Virtual
    • Physical
  • Check and ACH

Digital Choice Experience

An additional feature within the Consumer Rebate module is Digital Choice, a showcase of branded content that’s readily available on the rebate payment web application. Brands can extend consumer engagement and increase return on investment by:

  • Educating, enticing and cross-selling consumers by displaying products, accessories and services, and providing links to videos, websites and PDFs, for example.
  • Driving behavior and increasing loyalty by encouraging consumers to registering products and helping them find retailers.
  • Reinforcing brand values through thought leadership, announcements and updates.

Payment Notification

Consumers receive their payment information through a branded HTML email that includes custom messaging and payment confirmation. Once consumers validate their email address, they have access to a fully branded site that shows available funds and their redemption choices. Virtual prepaid cards are available immediately, while physical prepaid cards are sent to a consumer’s mailing address. An address and zip code confirmation step ensures accurate delivery of physical cards to a consumer’s mailbox.


After confirmation, if a virtual card is selected, all information needed to start spending is provided: a 16-digit card account number, expiration date and security code. Consumers can access the site to view card details, check balances, see transaction history, find customer support and engage with branded content. For physical cards, consumers receive a branded card in a custom-branded carrier along with instructions.

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